SWBKK Alumni: Ozzy Thebe, Software Developer


Ozzy Thebe

SWBKK: Can you share your experiences attending previous Startup Weekend Bangkok?

Maprang: Having worked mostly as a developer, this was a great opportunity to look at a product from all sides: especially the business and presentation side. I learned that even the best ideas benefit from being packaged properly and being polished in terms of concept and execution. I also learned about focusing resources properly depending on the situation – It’s not possible to build an entire application within a day, so its best to focus on the aspects of the application that get your point across the most.

SWBKK: Anything to say to developer who is deciding whether to join an up coming Startup Weekend Bangkok?

Maprang:  I’d definitely recommend my friends to try this at least once. You never know what you’re fully capable of, and pushing yourself like the startup weekend did either brings out the best in you, or shows you what you’re weak at. Plus its a great place to meet like minded individuals and I was amazed at how different, but polished my idea came out at the end of the weekend!