Maprang from Infinite Closet, Winner of Startup Weekend Bangkok 2012


Maprang_SWBKK Alumni Picture-fixed

SWBKK: Can you share your experiences attending previous Startup Weekend Bangkok?

Maprang: I had a really good experience with Startup Weekend. I didn’t know much about startup back then. Within 3 days of the competition, I could make a viable startup business model. It was learning by practicing. It was even more intense than an intensive course, from a rough idea pitch through process of validation, to a full presentation pitch.

Moreover, I got to know a lot more people who had the same passion that I did. It was amazing being in the circle of people with creative ideas, variety of backgrounds yet the same dream and determination.

The mentors also gave us a lot of suggestions. I was well welcomed by the small yet strong startup community in Thailand. Even after the competition ended, Infinit Closet has still been receiving full support from the community.

SWBKK: Anything to say to people who is deciding whether to join an up coming Startup Weekend Bangkok?

Maprang:  After the competition ended, a few people told me they had some ideas and they were excited to make it happen. They asked me how they should start. If you are thinking the same, join Startup Weekend. It is a good place to start. You might find likeminded with different expertise co-founders. You can test your concept idea and receive valuable suggestions from successful startups as well as panels who have years of experience. Best of all, you will be surrounded with fellow startups with the same goal and the same passion. And for me, there’s nothing better than that.