SWBKK Alumni: Fasai Pongpitaksopon, Account Strategist (Adwords), Google Singapore


Fasai Pongpitaksopon

SWBKK: Can you share your experiences attending previous Startup Weekend Bangkok?

Fasai: This was the first startup weekend I’ve ever attended and it was well worth my time. It was a great experiece . I learned a lot of new things about starting up a business – frameworks to look at things, validating business ideas, etc. Above all, it was great to meet new people from different backgrounds and be exposed to new ideas.

SWBKK: Anything to say to people who is deciding whether to join an up coming Startup Weekend Bangkok?

Fasai: I would definitely recommend this to my friends. I think everyone should go to at least one event if not more. You’re definitely in for a great learning experience. That being said, I’d definitely want to go to another one again.