SWBKK 2014: What happened at the Creative Edition?




Both attendees and organizers went home exhausted, but more than happy!

 The winners:






Massage Guruu


Condom Fairy

It has been a month after finishing the Startup Weekend Bangkok 2014 Creative Edition sponsored by C-ASEAN, Thai Beverage PLC., Oishi, Samsung and hosted by PAH Creative Space, and many teams are still hooked by the startup spirit. Almost all the winning teams (from first to 3rd runner up: DonutDonate, Fotogram, Massage Guruu and Condom Fairy) are still confident and working hard on their startups to quickly launch. “We are continuing and looking into a way to build on top of the original idea to make the product more marketable”, says Pondd, founder of Fotogram. The team of Condom Fairy however will approach continuing differently. Glen of Condom Fairy: “We have agreed to gather together and work on different ideas”

From the perspective of the organizers, this Startup Weekend Creative Edition turned out beyond successful. Amarit Charoenphan, one of the facilitators of this event stated: “This edition broke the expectations of the organizing team, especially because we had so many attendees. There was a lot to do and we worked until late, but we recognized the happiness and the good vibe and saw that all the work paid off in the end. We also had amazing help by our food and beverage sponsors such as Thai Bev, Oishi and Heritage bakery next door as well as cash sponsors like Samsung, who supplied us with loads of great food. So nobody of our over 90 attendees was left behind hungry and thirsty.”

Another successful factor of this year’s Startup Weekend was the cultural and international diversity. Many teams were drawn together by people from 4 or more different nationalities and different professions. When we asked Daniel Noehr from Massage Guruu, he said: “Most of our members have a business background. They know much about finance and marketing. We also have a graphic designer and a developer. Our team is very diverse culturally. There are two Thais, a Danish, an American, a Dutch, a Latvian and a German person.”  This cultural diversity spirit turned this event even more lively and interesting. Glen from Condom Fairy was sure that the atmosphere was great: “The event was brilliant. What we loved the most was the network we built and as well as the learning experience we gained from the event.”

Indeed the 15 teams had the rare chance to sit face to face with 14 top coaches who are all seasoned startup and small business founders, technologists and designers from different professions and fields in startups. In fact, after asking the winning teams if they are happy about their prices, their answers turned out surprising. It seems that most of the teams liked the prizes a lot, but ultimately they appreciated the intense learning experience, the coaching and making new friends even more. Ultimately, that is also the value of Startup Weekend, which is not about building and launching products but to work hard, make friends and find out whether there is an entrepreneur in you. The laid back but productive atmosphere, the good mood in every participant and the plain fun make this event so successful. There are more Startup Weekends to come in Bangkok. Next one will be the Social Enterprise edition from 11-13 of July 2014, so jump in and breathe some fresh entrepreneur-air.